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Overview of ‘Barfani Baba Shri Amarnath Gufa” (cave)

In this cave, a way from ‘Srinagar’ to ‘Valtal’ is shown. Another way is shown from 'Pehel Village.' Along with it, sight of ‘Gomukh Ganga’ and all the bird animals fauna are also shown in the cave.

The entry and exit of this cave is different. Barfani Baba’s darshan has been started since ‘Raksha Bandhan’ 2014.

The timings for darshan: Morning 7 am - 12 pm and 5 pm - 9 pm. It is a humble request to all the devotees of lord Shiva to get darshan of “Shri Bholenath” becoming the sharer of salvation and virtue. Here ‘Barfani Baba’ is of 4.6 foot.

At present, Pardeshwardham Temple offers 35 social services. The service of “Asthi Visarjan” i.e collecting the body ashes of all the unclaimed bodies from the cemeteries in Delhi and dispersing them in ‘Haridwar Kankhal’ is the greatest among all the services.

In this temple, there is an arrangement for darshan of “Maa Vaishno Devi Gufa”, “Pare ka Shivling”, “Silver Shivling” and visions of 9 “Saties” in orbital.

Our future vision is to establish “Shri Kailash Mansarovar Rudrakh Shivling” and “Pashupatinath Bhawan” inside temple atrium.

Jai Pardeshwara Baba

Jai Pardeshwara Bhole Shankar. You are prior to others.

You healed humans and beat all the anguish of the gods Shiva. You drank the poison out of the churning ocean.

That’s why people call you as Neelkanth. You are superior, almighty and known by many names.

We humans with less frequency are not capable to understand your powers.

You reside in Kailash and each corner of the earth. You gave another life to Gange Maa and moon by placing them at your head.

Devotee gets pleasure by worshiping you in form of wearing snakes around the neck.

What troubled him back into the world, who snapped Namah Shivaya.

Worshippers and servants in temple

4 Head servants

11 Worshippers in temple

1 Head worshipper inside temple
(priest Ramshivlochan Pandey +91-9911403474 )

11 Executives and 21 boys for assistance

2 Male as well as 2 female doctors

1 Teacher for stitching center

1 Ambulance driver

2 Managers

2 Computer operators

1 Office bearer

1 Gardner

1 Electrician

1 Plumber

1 Security guard

3 Propagators (photo frame and stickers)

Approximately 75 people are working actively to serve god.

1 Flowers stitch servant

1 Sweeper

1 Painter

1 Cobbler

1 Lawyer

1 Butler

2 lady devotees of devotional group

1 Painter

1 Mike

1 Chef

2 Souvenir Editors

1 Footwear Servant

2 Internet Operators

Always in your services

Shri Vijay kumar Aggarwal (Azad Market)

Shri Harish Kumar Dargan (Sona Jewellers Pritampura)

Shri vinod Garg (N.D. Pritampura)

Shri Vijay Arora (Raja Garden)

Shri Gyanchand Gupta (Keshavpuram)

Head Attendants of Temple

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