How to Get Blessings of Lord Shiva?

one of the most worshipped God of Hinduism is Lord Shiva. Lovingly known as “Maha deva”, he is viewed as the most divine God. Also, he is accepted to be the Lord of every other God in Hinduism. He is believed to have just showed up on Earth as opposed to being conceived from a lady. Indian crystal astrologers and Vedic astrology specialists express that he doesn’t need anybody to live. Moreover, he is known as the destroyer of evil.

Ruler Shiva is thought to be the nurturer or father of the whole Universe. Along these lines, his wife, Mata Parwati is accepted to be the mother of the universe by Hindu supporters, religion specialists and Pundits as well.

Likewise, his child, Lord Ganesha is thought to be the God who destroys any preventions, obstacles or negativities could influence his devotees. He is additionally accepted to be the God of abundance and riches. Thus, he is worshipped before directing anything holy or heavenly to stamp a positive starting. Lord Shiva is affectionately and also lovingly known by a few names. Some of these are as per the following:-

• Maha Deva which implies the Lord of rulers.
• Trinetra or the three peered toward God with his third eye position in the middle of forehead
• Jatadhara which implies somebody with long hair.
• Gangadhara. He is referred to by this name as it is trusted that river Ganges rises up out of his head.
• Neelakanta which implies somebody with a blue m=neck. This named was instituted because of the conviction that he had once consumed poison which had not influenced him and rather, it got absorbed in his neck making it blue.

Ruler Shiva is accepted to be totally ignorant to the common delights, for example, clothes, accesories and many more. Thus, for this very reason, his statue does not require any type of embellishment, ornamenting or involved and outlined clothes. Take simple steps with a specific end goal to satisfy him and get blessings from him:

• Make it habbit to visit his Lord Shiva’s temple each Monday.
• Chant Maha Mrutunjay mantra a few times. This spell overcomes deadly diseases and untimely death. The mantra is – “Om Tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushhtivardhanam Urvarukamiva bandhanan mrityor mukshiya maamritath.”
• Ensure that you recite “Om Namah Shivay” with your heart when you enetr in temple.
• Worship the Shivalinga by offering Bhasma and water.
• Offer Bail Patra to the Shivalinga.

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