Maha Shiv Ratri- Night of Mahadev

Aside from the different pujas in Shiva temples that are performed by the devotees all over the world, Mahashivratri is thought to be one amongst the most celebrated and most prominent Hindu Festivals. The word Maha itself implies extraordinary and ratri implies night; hence Mahashivratri is accepted to be the auspicious and blessed night of Mahadev. This greatest celebration of Shivratri falls on the fourteenth Moon, in the dark phase of Masi month. It is one of the rarest events where Lord Shiva’s powers is at its peak and the devotes can get lifetime blessings.

It is accepted to be the day on which Lord Shiva played out his “Tandava Dance” and hence this is believed to be the golden opporutunty for Shiva’s followers to seek the lifetime blessings. The festival really begin one day before the colossal night, which is seen as the Vrath Tithi. On that day, devotees limit themselves to one-time meal only. Later comes the day wherein complete fast is opted by the devotees. The night is saved for listening to holy happenings from the life of Lord Shiva and individuals chant Panchakshari mantra while performing different Shivaratri ceremonies keeping in mind the end goal to satisfy Lord Shiva. Shiva customs are performed for the duration of the night with extraordinary energy and faith. The fast is then broken on the following day before sunrise.

Importance of the festival:

Maha Shivaratri is among the most effective days of worship for ladies, particularly for Sumangalis (wedded ladies). It is a great opportunity to ensure good luck for their spouses with the divine grace of Lord Shiva.

While, young ladies who want for perfect spouse like Shiva are likewise of most extreme noticeable quality here. In any case, the misconception should not emerge that the celebration is just for ladies, actually, every one of the individuals who offer prayers to Lord Shiva are honored with good fortunes and free of rehashed cycles of birth and passing.

India’s Southern zones observe Shivaratri in the month of Masi; henceforth, it is the Masik Shivaratri, though in Northern parts, the favorable day comes in the month of Phalguni. Shiva Lingam is generally the representation of the intense God, it is trusted that on Shivaratri, he speaks to as Lingam, and you look for the celestial favors of ruler Shiva by adoring the lingam on this auspicious day.

Maha Shivaratri is subsequently thought to be one such chance to build up associations with the heavenly type of Lord Shiva that help a person to incline a cheerful and an issue free life. So proceed a get a pooja reserved for yourself in any of the Shiva Temples over the globe to lead an existence that’ll give you only satisfaction.

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