Rudra Abhishek Pooja for Wellness and Prosperity


Lord Shiva is the bestower of happiness and wealth. He is also known as Bholenath as he can be easily pleased by his followers and get immense wealth and prosperity. Rudra Pooja is an ancient practice that is followed by Indians since time immemorial. Rudra means ‘Shiva the Destroyer of Evil’ and Pooja means the one that is born out of fullness. Mahadev is worshipped in his Rudra form in Rudra Pooja and one can aim for inner peace by performing this Pooja.

It is termed as one of the greatest Poojas to remove all evils by all Vedic scriptures and it is to achieve all desires and good health, wealth. Scriptures on Astrology prescribe this emphatically as a remedy to get rid of any kind of planetary Doshas.

Significance of Rudra Pooja

The world is full of negative and positive energy. When the negativity is predominate over humans then Rudra Abhishek is performed to keep the disease, misery, poverty and all kind of negative energy at a bay. By worshipping almighty Lord Shiva with Vidhi-Vidhan all the negativity and unhappiness around us can be changed into joy, calmness, and prosperity. At that point, peace encompasses us in the body, mind, and soul.
Rudra Abhishek Material

• Water- Ganga Jal, Normal water or coconut water-for Moksha
• Milk-For a Son
• Sugarcane Juice-For health disease
• Sugar-For happiness
• Ghee-Financial gain n prosperity
• Honey-For wealth
• Curd-For good health

Method to perform Pooja

Crystal Shiva Lingam is opted to perform. Every Shiva mantra that is chanted gets absorbed in the Pooja materials like ghee, curd, milk, and honey and white flowers which are used to the devotee to Mahadev for the prosperity and wellness all around. It is then devoted to Lord Shiva with Bhakti, affection, and appreciation while chanting Shiva mantra. Well trained Pandits and Veda students perform this Rudra Abhishek. The chanting of the mantras is so meditative and spiritual that it will take you to a calm and spiritual environment.

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